Friday, September 5, 2014

Are you a Writer? Maybe a Procrastinator too? You're in Luck Tomorrow is Your Day!

Any fellow writers out there?
Well congratulations because tomorrow, September 6 2014, is National Writing Date Day! What is this glorious holiday, you are wondering? I'll tell you.

 National Writing Date Day is a day where everyone (not just the die hard writers like me) should take some time out of there day, and dedicate it to stretching out the old writing muscles. Set aside even just 20 minutes, and write in a journal, write a beautiful love sonnet, hell even write an apology letter that you've been putting off for the past 5 years! Whatever it is, get that pen to paper, or keys to the keyboard and write something!

Writing is a dying breed of skills. Everyday I come across examples of bad grammar or poorly constructed sentences... and sadly alot of these examples are coming from national news websites and local ones as well! Shouldn't these people know better if this is their field of work? I should think so, but like I said writers are becoming a dying breed of people. So do yourself a favor and help save the endangered writers, and become one yourself! I promise you won't regret it!

Now for those of you out there who like to procrastinate... let's turn the table towards you. Tomorrow is also Fight Procrastination Day! Let's be honest, everyone procrastinates. I know I do! I was especially a bad procrastinator while I was in college, always putting off papers and projects until the last minute to do more important things like going to parties and staying out all night (sorry Mom). I'll give you an example of my bad procrastination days: 
           It was almost Halloween, and my group of friends decided to get a few suites at The Venetian and all go to Las Vegas for the weekend. There were about 40 of us, and it was a fun and rowdy weekend. Mind you, we were all LDS so we didn't drink, but we did stay up until all hours of the night dancing our hearts out. We spent the daylight hours on Saturday by the pool, and then repeated the night before. Sunday came and we drove home back to Utah, and I arrived home that night around 5 pm and suddenly realized the next day I had a 20 page paper due in my philosophy class about Nietzsche that I had not even started. Normally, I could bust out a simple 2-3 page paper in about an hour and a half. However, Nietzsche is no easy subject, as any of you know who have studied his work, and it was 20 pages! I was royally screwed. I literally pulled an all nighter, after not sleeping really for the past 2 nights, and I managed to finish my paper about an hour before my class started. It could have been a lot better, and I wouldn't have been so panicked and stressed if I had started early on the paper. The moral of the story kids: don't procrastinate.

So tomorrow is also Fight Procrastination Day! Here are some ways we can each work on not putting off things that we really should do today, and help us all get things done a bit earlier:
    1: Keep a planner or a calendar. This way, you can keep track of important dates, and things you need to do. You can even get fancy and color code to help keep yourself organized!
    2: Start work promptly. If you have a project you need to accomplish, start working on it immediately. Even if you set out a certain amount of time to work on it everyday until it needs to be done, like 20 minutes for example, it will help you achieve your intended goal without stressing out and finishing it at the last minute.
    3: Finish your to-do list that day. If you've made a list of goals to finish that day, try to actually do them. If you push them off until the next day, then you will have even more to do that day and probably end up pushing them into the next day and so on until you are way behind on things and everything is piling up on you!
    4: Spend your free time wisely. If you end up having some down time, don't spend it all relaxing or being lazy (which we all do... I mean Netflix isn't just going to watch itself!) Try to take some of your free time and use it to accomplish some goals you need to do. You will feel much better than binge watching all of your shows, I promise.
    5: Don't just decide to give up. If you have procrastinated until the last minute, don't just let it go and end up not finishing your task. Suck it up and finish it, because in the end you will feel worse about yourself if you pushed it off and then just never did it. Follow through and finish it! You can do it!

PS. Today is National Charity Day! Check out yesterday's post to see what it's all about, and to see how you can help you!

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