Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Whole Lot of Charity

Tomorrow September 5,2014
is International Charity Day and National Lazy Moms Day. You couldn't ask for two more different things to celebrate, and both are equally important!

In 2012 the UN nominated this day to commemorate all of the important work that charities do, and they chose this day specifically because it is actually the anniversary of Mother Theresa of Calcutta. There are hundreds of thousands of charities around the world, each working to do something different to make the world a better place. Some raise money to help find a cure and to support research for diseases such as ALS, Cancer, and AIDS. Others need funds to help feed starving families in third world countries, while there are those that send volunteers to help rebuild communities destroyed by natural disasters. Whatever the case, there are so many ways we can help reach out and make a difference in the world. 

Recently the ALS ice bucket challenge went viral, and while many criticized it as something people did on social media for "attention", it actually has raised massive amounts of new awareness of the disease, not to mention incredible amounts of donations.
Here are some facts from an article published on BBC.COM by Lucy Townsend:

 I mean, 98.2 million dollars is pretttty amazing people! So choose tomorrow to do something charitable, whether it is a local charity, national, or even international. You may not think your contribution will make a difference, but it really and truly does! Plus you get some of that good karma coming your way, and you feel great which is always a plus! Here are some local Utah Charities, some national ones, as well as international... check them out if you want! You can do simple things like donating to the GoodWill or DI, or going to help in a local homeless shelter. Whatever you decide to do, put some good vibes out into the world tomorrow!

  ::Check out this website for a list of Utah Non-Profit organizations!

::Here on the BBB website they list every charity in the nation and rate them, so if you're worried about a charity not being honest or worthwhile, here are all the facts listed out by them.

::Finally, on this website you can use their resources to find an international charity of your liking. Remember anything helps!

Above is a video talking about some celebrity charity work. Most may be doing it for appearances, but hey it all goes to a good place in the end right?
And here is a video showcasing some of the best celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos, which helped to raise millions of dollars!

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